Beautiful Rings To Check Out

Do you look at your jewelry tree or wherever you keep your jewelry with a hint of boredom? Have you been considering getting some new jewelry, but aren’t quite sure what you need to take your jewelry to the next level? When you shop for women’s accessories at Rockhill Designs we make sure to offer quality jewelry for anyone. Are you looking for a chunky bracelet? Do you want some funky earrings to make your wardrobe a little bit more fun? Do you love handcrafted necklaces or unique silver rings to bring a little style to your outfit? Whatever your preferred women’s accessory is, we’re able to offer you a little something extra to make you the envy of your friends, coworkers, or to catch the eye of that attractive someone who you’ve been wanting to notice you. When you shop with us you’re able to have access to women’s accessories that you wouldn’t have seen previously. If you’re trying to get more into jewelry, then take the time to check out The Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Jewelry and Winter 2017 Jewelry Trends.

Rings To Check Out

In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring the wonderful world of rings. Do you want to wear unique silver rings or rings with beautiful gemstones? If you want to decorate your fingers with some different colored rings or sterling silver, then check out these rings below that will bring some funky and vibrancy to your outfit.

Artful Turquoise Ring

Do you love the bright, beautiful color of turquoise? This hammered sterling silver ring is a lovely turquoise color. Made from a bezel cabochon or stabilized turquoise, this unique silver ring is intricately designed. With a curly setting to the ring, the turquoise color sets itself apart from other rings that might be in your collection. A new addition to our collection this ring is available in sizes five through 10.

Perennial Trio Ring

Have you always wanted three rings piled on top of each other? This ring is actually three rings that are layered on top of each other for a unique vine pattern. If you enjoy layering your rings, then this Perennial Trio Ring will be a great addition to any type of outfit. Available in sizes six through 10 you’ll be amazed at how well these three rings go with anything you wear.

Mediterranean Ring

Do you enjoy beautifully detailed metal rings? The Mediterranean Ring is made from oxidized, raised sterling silver. With a fig branch patterned into this ring, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful details in this ring. Made to comfortably fit your finger, this ring is available in sizes six, seven, and nine. With a larger style, this chunkier ring is made to be worn by itself to show off the intricate detail or with a colorful ring to make it stand out.

Waters Edge Ring

Do you love the color blue? With sizes six thru 10 available for your to wear, this ring has a faceted aqua quartz stone in the middle of this sterling silver band. With handcrafted swirls and an oxidized sterling silver band, this ring is a great go-to for a fancy night out or to wear to work. The stone in the middle is a beautiful periwinkle. No matter on which finger you wear this ring, it will be sure to brighten your outfit and catch the eye.

Check out more of our rings to see which other rings you might love to feature in your wardrobe. With our wide variety of rings, you’ll sure to look trendy and dapper when you go out on the town, on a special date, or just for a casual day at work.