Fund the Cure Collection Featuring Lapis and Sterling Silver Jewelry

    Our Fund the Cure Collection raises money for the Cure Alzheimer's Fund.  This charity is near our hearts and the hearts of many who have dealt with or are currently dealing with this disease.  My mom lived with Alzheimer's for ten years.  At age 11, my father whistled at her, catching her attention and heart soon after.  Her favorite color was blue, which is why I've chosen lapis and sterling silver for this collection. My love of travel is undoubtedly linked to all the road trips, camping trips, and historical tours she planned for our family. 
    Together we can accomplish more than we can imagine. I hope that someday, there will be a cure or prevention of this horrific disease. For each purchase from this collection, we donate a portion to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund
    "I love my new RockHill Lovely in Lapis bracelet and especially love that a donation is made to Cure Alzheimer's Fund for every piece sold. We all know someone who has suffered from this disease." -Laura.


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