About us

My love of jewelry is inherited. My grandmother's jewelry box contained the riches of a pirate's treasure chest, at least to my 8-year-old eyes. She sold Sarah Coventry, established in 1949 and one of the oldest direct selling jewelry companies in the world. I remember sitting with my Grandma at her home in upstate New York while she sorted her Sarah Coventry jewelry for her own small business, and falling in love with the opening of each box to see what sparkly, beautiful thing would be inside.



    I have always loved the art of accessorizing! I worked in women’s retail throughout high school and college, my paycheck was spent on jewelry first and clothing second.
    In 1994, while living in Germany, I started making jewelry as a hobby and found that I loved working with sterling silver. Our family of five had the opportunity to live in Asia in 2004.  It was an incredible opportunity and one which I cherish. The availability of pearls, semi-precious stones, natural stones, and Hill Tribe silver greatly influenced my new designs.  In 2006 our family repatriated to Colorado. I created a tiny, informal business called Half the Sky. Mao once said, “Women hold up half the sky,” an early reference to gender equality.  Within three home shows my  400-piece collection was sold out. I was shocked, excited and unsure of how to continue this business on my own. With the encouragement of a dear friend, I founded RockHill Designs in 2009.  This business has allowed me to continue to travel, use my creativity, be at home with my children, and later my parents. Our little company has continued to grow and is such a blessing to our family.  

    I invite you to stop by my blog to learn more about myself, my family and our journey.