Last Minute Purchasing Of Jewelry For Your Special Someone

Now that January is finished, February is right around the corner. If you are part of a couple, then you know what that means. Valentine’s Day is coming up! This means as a significant other you should begin shopping to show your loved one how much you adore them. Valentine’s Day gets a lot of flack over the years because people claim it’s a holiday created because of cards or you should show your love for your significant other on more than one day a week, but the truth is that Valentine’s Day is just another day to demonstrate how much you care for someone. Living in a chaotic world with war, hatred, job losses, hunger, and everything in between, it can be difficult to concentrate on the little things in life. If you’ve been with your loved one for a few months or several years, sometimes, it can be hard to show your love for someone everyday. Valentine’s Day is a day to show that you think of your loved one all of the time. Keeping this in mind, it’s a good idea to start shopping for your loved one early on. There are many great present options, but quality jewelry is one of the best. If you are a forgetful person this can be hard to do, so this blog post is for the person who adores their loved one, but has a hard time showing it.

Last Chance

At Rockhill Designs, we want to share with you some great pieces to present to your significant other. Rockhill Designs is a quality jewelry store that has a variety of different pieces of quality jewelry to choose from. We have pearl jewelry, unique silver jewelry, natural gemstone jewelry, and hill tribe jewelry, all handcrafted and uniquely created. If your significant other is a jewelry lover, then they will love our quality jewelry for a great price. If you’re at a total loss of what to get your significant other, then quality jewelry is the best way to say, ‘I love you.’

Best Pieces To Check Out

Check out some of these gorgeous Valentine’s Day esque pieces of jewelry. Each of these pieces are beautifully made with pearls in each of them. If you have no idea what your loved one likes for jewelry these pieces are all great options.

Blinged Out Coin Pearl Earrings

Does your significant other like a little bling, but also enjoy a simple look? These Blinged Out Coin Pearl Earrings are beautifully created. Made from white coil pearls and 9.25 sterling silver wires, these earrings are perfect for the person who enjoys simple beauty. With the pearls wrapped in bling, these earrings will catch the eye. This is a great option to buy for your significant other because they add some bling, are beautiful, and are a lovely pair of earrings. At around 2 ¼ inches, these earrings are a little longer than one might expect, so keep that in mind when you purchase them. These earrings are great to wear to spice up an outfit or for a simple day at the office.

Baroque Pearl Earrings

Baroque is a type of style that was originated during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is characterized by ornate details and it most related to architecture, music, and art. These earrings exemplify the time period perfectly with the subtle details. Made from freshwater pearls on oval hoops, these are beautifully made. If you’re significant other doesn’t enjoy wearing too much jewelry, these earrings are a great option because of their simplicity. They are exclusive to our store and are handcrafted using freshwater pearls and sterling silver for the hoops. These earrings go great with anything from a casual outfit or for a fun night out dressed to the nines. Keep in mind, these are a little larger and longer than the wearer might expect, but they dangle nicely and will bring out the best of your significant other’s features.

Show Me The Money Necklace

Does your significant other like a little bit of flash? Do they like dangly necklaces? Do they enjoy something that’s a little different? If you have no idea what your significant other likes and can’t seem to figure it out, then we recommend this necklace. First, this necklace is made from freshwater coin pearls with brown silky cords to rope everything together. This is a longer necklace, but you can style it anyway you please, which makes it a versatile choice. This is a great option for the significant other who loves anything that makes them stand out and can be worn with any type of outfit.

Pearl Trio Bracelet

In addition to necklaces and earrings, we also offer elegant bracelets. The Pearl Trio Bracelet is a beautiful bracelet that is handcrafted. With a .925 sterling silver chain and three strands of freshwater pearls, this bracelet goes for a classic look with a twist. The pearls are freshwater pearls and the chain might be a little heavier than expected, but this is a classic bracelet with a fun twist on it. There are multi-layered strands, which will make the bracelet stand out more. This piece is for the significant other who enjoys wearing pearls, but with a little eccentricity and fun. At seven inches long, this bracelet is a great option for those who love showing off their wrists.

If none of these options seem like something your significant other would love, then continue shopping on our website for more quality jewelry options, watches, belts, and scarves.