Making Your Favorite Jewelry Work With Every Outfit

If you have a favorite piece of jewelry, you want to wear it every day, right? You want to show it off because it makes you feel comfortable and confident. What happens when it’s a piece of quality jewelry that doesn’t go with everything? Whether it’s a colored piece that you don’t want to wear with certain tops, or if the size or shape doesn’t work with what you’re planning on wearing that day, you can make it work! Never leave your favorite piece of handcrafted jewelry at home if you don’t need to. With mixing and matching other jewelry and accessories, you can be sure that your favorite piece will always be with you throughout your day. Find your new favorite piece of handcrafted jewelry at Rockhill Design, shop for unique sterling silver rings, earrings, necklaces, and more!

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When putting an outfit together, some start out knowing they want to wear that pair of jeans with the wide leg and then go on from there choosing a top, shoes, and accessories. To finish it off, you put your favorite necklace on, look in the mirror, and decide that it doesn’t work with the outfit! With five minutes left before you have to leave for work, there isn’t time to change and switch everything around. You could leave that piece off and call it a day, but who wants to leave their treasured necklace at home?

Add Other Accessories

Accessories work magic in these situations. If your special necklace is too small, add a couple of thick rings, like this Old World Glass Ring, or a chunky cuff, like this Beach Side Wrap Bracelet. The size of the rings or bracelet will balance out the size of the necklace. Throwing on a belt with one of these stylish belt buckles is also a great way to add a focal point in the outfit and you can still wear your favorite necklace.

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Add Complementary Colors

If your favorite piece of handcrafted jewelry is a colorful pair of earrings, and the colors completely mismatch with your outfit for the day, don’t take them off! Adding other jewelry can save the outfit. Remember back to your high school art class and pull some complementary colors. Red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange are all complementary colors. With the risk of looking like a Christmas tree, or like you’re going to a sporting event, use complementary colors carefully. With orange earrings, throw on this navy scarf, a deep blue like this will calm down the outfit. If your prized piece of jewelry is a red necklace, add this Celadon Bracelet; the soft green will pair beautifully with your necklace. Mixing subdued shades with bright colors will ensure that your complementary colors work well together.

Never feel like you have to leave your favorite piece at home, even if it doesn’t look perfect with your outfit. There are ways to incorporate accessories and colors to make everything work together. With quality jewelry, it’s about showing off your personality, so if you want to rock out that bright, chunky necklace, if you feel comfortable and love it, then walk out the door without a second thought. However, you want to wear your handcrafted jewelry, shop at Rockhill Design for those favorite pieces that you never want to take off.