Must-Have Women's Accessories for Your Winter Wardrobe

One of the best things about winter is all of the accessories! Winter is the perfect time to layer on your accessories to make those dark winter days feel a little more magical. If you feel like your winter wardrobe is lacking the beautiful women's accessories that you need, we've put together this guide of must-have to help you stock up. Find the pieces that you love and add them to your winter collection of accessories today!


Bracelets are great to have a little sparkle poking out of the end of your sweater sleeves! Choose a bracelet that's a little heavier for winter to balance out your bulkier clothing and to make a bolder statement. 

We recommend: Chic Pearl Bracelet, $49.00

This black snakeskin looks especially chic next to the natural pearls and sparkling stones. We love the thicker band that helps this bracelet stand out. 


Necklaces are a quick way to add sophistication to an otherwise boring sweater-and-jeans combination. It's great to wear longer necklaces in the winter so your scarves don't block the sparkle. 

We recommend: Satellite Bling Necklace, $59.00

Long enough to wear with any winter outfit without getting lost, this beautiful piece features micro-crystals and freshwater pearls. Wear it looped once or twice to customize the length. 


Don't shy away from rings in the winter! They look even more adorable against your winter manicure wrapped around that cup of hot cocoa. Stacked rings are especially great for the winter because you can adjust your level of bling to your outfit needs, amping it up for the holiday parties. 

We recommend: Holiday Pearl Ring, $8.00

This bargain beauty can be worn on its own or with two of its friends as a stacking ring. The stretchy ring can be worn on any finger for a fresh look.  


Your ears deserve a little love in the winter, especially when they are surviving all of the frosty wind. Earrings immediately make you look more put together, important for those winter days when it was tough to drag yourself out of bed. 

We recommend: Blinged Out Coin Pearl Earrings, $42.00

White coin pearls are wrapped in sparkling stones and hang from sterling silver ear wires. These are the kind of earring that looks incredible with everything. 


Belts are more important than ever in the winter. They help keep your jeans where you need them during the cold weather, so there isn't an icy blast on your backside when you least expect it. You can add a little style to your belt with a gorgeous belt buckle, too, making your outfit look perfectly polished. 

We recommend: Satin Flower Belt Buckle, $29.00. 

Etched with a feminine floral design, you'll love adding this buckle to your belt on cold days to remind you that spring will come again. 


There is no better winter accessory than the scarf! Perfect for warming up your neck and shoulders and keeping the ice from making its way inside your layers. Scarves can be worn in a myriad of ways so you can wear the same scarf each day and always have it look a little different. 

We recommend: Polka Dot Scarf, $19.00

A beautiful navy color with white polka dots makes this scarf feel classic and updated all at once. The perfect length for all of your favorite method of tying and wearing!


Who needs a watch when you can look at your phone? You do. Put the phone down and add on another layer of style with a beautiful watch. It's more than a bracelet, it's a fashion piece. In the winter it's a lifesaver, too, since you can get the time with a glance of your wrist and don't have to fumble with gloves on to find your phone in your pocket or purse. 

We recommend: Gaucho Watch, $100.00 

Available in five different colors, this watch is totally on-trend with a multi-strand leather wrap cuff. Easy to wear and easy to read with a fully-numbered face.

Place an order for these items in our online store today and we'll get them out the door and on their way to you in no time. You'll be ready to accessorize all of your favorite winter wear!