Our Holiday Gift Giving Guide to Quality Jewelry

The holiday season is here! It's time to start putting some serious thought into your gift lift and finding something perfect for all of your loved one. Our gift giving guide can help, especially with our collection of quality jewelry and accessories. Here are some of our favorite suggestions to put under the tree this year! 

For Your Mom

She raised you, she was there when you needed her, and now you are more like her than you ever thought possible. Tell you thank you with one of these stunning gifts!

Chic Pearl Necklace, $68.00

Help your mom bring her love of pearls to the next level of style. This pearl necklace uses delightful potato-shaped pearls for additional interest and then caps them with an offset keishi pearl wrapped in sparkling crystals. This is a gorgeous piece that she can wear with her favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt or throw on with a beautiful dress for a night out on the town. Long enough to suit all necklines and made from high-quality materials so she can enjoy it for years to come. She might even let you borrow it once in a while! 

For Your Sister

Our sisters are our first friends! We might fight with them but their style is completely on-point. Let your sister know how much she means to you with a gift of quality jewelry. 

Positive Pyrite Bracelet, $32.00

Leather wraps are all the rage right now but this one improves on the trend with the addition of a bezel-set pyrite piece. Pyrite has a gorgeous metallic sheen to it and is believed to create a defensive shield around the wearer. Even if it doesn't do that for her, your sister will love the way this gorgeous bracelet looks with everything she wears. The calf-skin leather feels good on her skin and is the perfect match to her unique style.

For Your Daughter

She's the light of your life and you are constantly amazed at the incredible woman she's becoming before your eyes! Surprise her this holiday season with the very grown-up gift of some beautiful jewelry that she'll treasure for a lifetime. 

Sterling 'Shine On' Earrings, $46.00

Sparkly, dangling, and beautiful. What's not to love about these earrings? They are the perfect gift for your daughter. She'll love the way they shine and catch the light, and you'll love that they are made from sterling silver and have secure locking French ear wires so they won't disappear from her ears. She'll feel especially lovely and grown up when she's wearing these zircon earrings. 

For Your Friend

You laugh together, you cry together, and you can have an entire conversation without ever saying a word. Let your bestie know you appreciate how she always has your back with one of these unique jewelry gifts. 

Layered Loveliness Necklace, $79.00

You know how busy your friend is, between her job, her family, and spending time with her favorite friends. Help her look polished and put together with this lovely layered necklace. The first layer includes a labradorite teardrop pendant. The second layer features an on-trend hammered sterling silver bar that's offset with pretty green stones. It's a simple necklace to wear that looks like she took tons of time planning her outfit-of-the-day. 

For Yourself

Don't forget yourself this holiday season! You've worked hard, and as another year comes to a close it's time to celebrate yourself, too. Treat yourself to one of these stunning items. 

Rock Star Ring, $89.00

You are a total rock star, so why not show the world with this ring? The rock star ring is made from sterling silver and features a large zircon stone that sparkles in the light. The sterling silver wraps around your finger in a wonderfully organic fashion. You'll never want to take this ring off, so it's a good thing that it will look as good with your jeans as it does with your favorite little black dress.

Don't forget to check out our collection of quality jewelry available for $50 and under. This is a great place to find beautiful gifts while still staying within your budget. Shop our store for all the gifts you need for your loved ones this year. Place an order with us soon so you can be sure to have everything you need for the holiday season!