Spring Jewelry To Wear

Spring will be here soon and that means it’s time to break out some of your fun, flirty, quality jewelry pieces. Springtime is a time to show off light, beautiful colors and depict attires with lots of floral in them. No more of those black leggings, black blouses, and dark blue jeans. Don’t settle on clothes that are black now that spring is here. The birds are chirping, the trees blossoming, and the flowers are popping out of the ground. It’s time to say goodbye to your dark winter clothing and concentrate on wearing lighter, pastel colors and lots of floral. In addition, it’s time to wear quality jewelry pieces that will offset your spring fashion sense and brighten every room that you walk into.

At Rockhill Designs, we’re able to offer you some great quality jewelry pieces and women’s accessories. If you’re looking for a little change in your quality jewelry pieces, then it’s time to step up your jewelry style and start shopping for beautiful handcrafted pearl, gemstone, and unique silver jewelry. If you are new to the jewelry game then, check out some of our past blogs to know what you should wear. Read The Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Jewelry to get started on learning what could look best on you.

Four Jewelry Pieces For The Spring

From our Spring Collection 2017, we compiled a list of beautiful, handcrafted, quality, jewelry pieces that would look good for any type of person who enjoys wearing jewelry. Whether you lean more toward lighter colors or sterling silver, you’ll be able to find something that looks great on you. Make each of your outfits pop this spring time and draw the eye to a piece of jewelry you are able to adorn. A strategically placed necklace will elongate your neck, earrings will make your eyes splash with brightness and color, and a bracelet will draw the eye to your slender arms. Whatever piece of quality jewelry is a must-have for you, make sure it’s one you love.

Aqua Drop Necklace

Do you love blues? This aqua necklace will allow a splash of color to spice up your outfit. If you’re one to wear solid colors that tend to be a little darker, then the aqua drop necklace will allow you some color without overdoing it. The Aqua Drop Necklace is a faceted aqua agate necklace. With a medium length chain of about 22 inches, the necklace will hit mid-chest. With an oxidized sterling silver chain and gold plated faceted copper beads, the uniqueness of this necklace will not be lost on your admirers. This necklace can be worn with any type of outfit casual or a little fancier and is a great versatile piece.

Beach Chic Bracelet

Do you love the beach? Do you miss the beach? If so, this Beach Chic Bracelet is able to give you that beachy feel when you are without the beautiful sand and water. A unique stretch of bracelets that feature pearls, sea blue beads, and green undertones, you’ll think of the beach and summer every time you look at this bracelet. Each of the pearls on this bracelet have natural properties. With a handcrafted touch to them, you’ll enjoy wearing this bracelet with any light, summery outfit.

Cozumel Necklace

A longer necklace of about 54 inches with tassels that hand an addition eight inches, you’ll be excited to put this versatile piece on. Made from stabilized turquoise and matte amazonite, you’re able to wear this long necklace any way you choose from hand knotted to layering. The tassels add a certain unique touch with blues, taupe, and creams. The tassel will even - dare we say - add a little sauciness to your outfit. This option is for the one who dares to be a little different and stand out from the crowd.

Bloom In Blue Earrings

Do you want to add more floral to your everyday outfits? With these Bloom In Blue Earrings, you’re able to add some color and floral to your outfits. Made to spice up an average attire for work, these earrings are shaped like flowers. Made from labradorite, and round cabochons with a blue center these sterling silver earrings are light and flirty. Cast in a window pane style these might be a little bigger than you’re used to, but they’re still fun to wear.

If none of these sound good to you, then check out more of our Spring Collection 2017.