Take Care of Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces

It can seem like sometimes the five dollar ring you bought is the most precious piece of jewelry you own. And when that ring becomes tarnished and unwearable, your heart sinks. From the five dollar ring to really expensive pearl jewelry, treat all of your jewelry the same so even your most prized possessions will remain shiny and new as the day you bought them. After you buy the handcrafted jewelry from Rockhill Design, the pearl jewelry will still be bright and the unique silver jewelry will be shiny for years to come.

Light and Heat

You protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen, also protect your jewelry from the sun. Pearl jewelry will bleach over time and could dry out and crack with intense heat and sun. This isn’t always possible of course, especially if you live in a humid climate, but plan ahead and try to keep the pearls home when you spend a day at the beach or are going to be outside all day. Over time, color and durability wane; for your jewelry to last longer, protect them from the sun and the heat by keeping them home during hot spells.


It’s tedious to take off your jewelry when you’re doing the dishes, cleaning around the house, or putting lotion on your hands, but metals like silver, gold, or platinum can be damaged from the chemicals in these products. Turquoise, a porous gem, can be permanently damaged from chemicals in hairspray, lotion, or perfume. Cleaners around the house, or a chlorine pool contain ammonia, and the harsh chemicals can damage gold alloys.

Cleaning Jewelry

Ultrasonic cleaners sound like a fantastic way to clean your jewelry. However, not all precious stone jewelry can be cleaned using one of these cleaners. Organic materials such as pearls should not be used in this type of cleaner, as well as heat-treated gemstones. Some gems are prone to heat changes, such as opal, topaz, or turquoise and should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. These machines can also shake the gems loose from their settings or chip the gems themselves. Most jewelry should be cleaned with a soft dish soap with warm water and a soft brush. If possible, use a pulse water cleaner. After cleaning with soap, be sure to rinse the jewelry in clean water to rid the jewelry of cleaning solutions.


Overall, the best way to keep jewelry safe is how you store it. A Jewelry box may seem old fashioned, but they are incredibly useful and helpful when keeping jewelry safe from the elements. Spending hours untangling a chain necklace chain can be avoided when they’re laid flat in a box. Never throw jewelry on top of your dresser to ensure scratches don’t accumulate. Oftentimes, the box that the jewelry came in is a great place for storage. Pearls and opals contain moisture and pull moisture from the air, so keeping them in storage actually may do them harm and should be stored in a soft cloth or pouch.

Keeping your handcrafted and precious stone jewelry safe from scratches and other damage ensures that you will always be able to wear your favorite accessories. Shop at Rockhill Design and fall in love with your new favorite unique silver jewelry.