The Beginner's Guide To Wearing Jewelry

Do you love jewelry but find it difficult to wear because you don’t know what kind of style you have? Do you always want to accessorize but hate the way you look when you do? Are you at a loss of how to rock jewelry without overdoing it? Don’t worry, with our guidance you’ll be able to wear jewelry and adorn it with ease. Jewelry is a great accessory to wear because it brightens up your outfit, features, and draws the eye to you. If you love drawing attention to yourself or making your outfit stand out, then you should begin to wear more accessories. In addition, accessories can be the difference between you getting that dream job or not. There’s a fine-line of overdoing jewelry, which is why if you’re a first time jewelry wearer and want to begin to introduce it into your style, then you should read our guide to help you figure out how to best equip yourself with jewelry.

At Rockhill Designs, we offer a lot of different types of quality jewelry; all you have to do is start shopping through our wide selection of pieces. Along with our guide of how to begin incorporating jewelry into your style, we’ll also provide you with some solid examples of what to wear and check out from our wide selection. Start shopping jewelry at Rockhill Designs, and you’ll find yourself sparkling, shining, and attracting the eye of that cute stranger from across the room.

Five Tips On How To Style Your Jewelry

As a beginner accessorizer, it’s best if you take into consideration some of these tips. The number one rule you should follow is to be true to yourself. If you find a piece of jewelry that your friends all love, but you don’t, then don’t feel pressured to purchase it. You’re in control of your life, and if you don’t feel like you can rock a piece of jewelry because of the bold statement it displays, then go with something more simple. Accessorizing is how you feel that day and what you want to wear. If you’re an avid jewelry wearer, then check out Winter 2017 Jewelry Trends, Making Your Favorite Jewelry Work With Every Outfit, and Must-Have Women’s Accessories For Winter Wardrobe. If the most jewelry you wear are earrings and maybe a watch, then hold onto your piece of technology and get ready to learn how to attract the compliments you deserve.

Start Small

If the most you’ve ever worn are earrings, then the best decision you can make is to start small. Figure out what pieces of jewelry you’re most comfortable in. For instance, if you feel claustrophobic with items around your neck, then don’t wear a necklace. If you sit at a computer all day typing, you may not want to wear a bracelet or a watch. When you start wearing jewelry, try to pick pieces that are small and comfortable. As someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, you don’t want to load up your neck, wrists, and ears with many different pieces of jewelry. If you wear too much jewelry as someone who doesn’t, then you’ll feel uncomfortable and it might even look a little weird to others who know you as someone who doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry. In addition to starting off small, don’t start to wear items that are heavy if you aren’t used to the weight. You don’t want to wear a bold, heavy piece of jewelry and feel like you’re weighed down the entire day.

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Follow Your Instinct

In addition to starting off small, you should also follow your instincts when it comes to accessorizing. When you accessorize, it comes down to how you want to portray yourself. It’s just like with clothing style. If you want to wear bohemian inspired skirts, shirts, and pants, then you’ll probably want to go for a more bohemian jewelry style. If you enjoy wearing a majority of black, then you’ll probably want to wear darker colored pieces of jewelry. In addition to following your instincts when it comes to style and fashion, you should find pieces you're comfortable in. If you find a beautiful statement necklace, but it’s heavy on your neck and feels uncomfortable, then why wear it? The saying ‘beauty is pain’ can only get you so far. The best way to figure out if something looks good on you or if you are comfortable in it is to follow your instincts. If you pick a gorgeous piece of jewelry and see that it goes with nothing you have and detracts from your best facial features, then either rock it because your instincts say you should, or chalk it up to a poor purchase and wear something that you look better in. Style is all about following your instincts and figuring out what looks the best on you; after all, what’s the point of following fashion and having a certain style if it doesn’t look great on you?

Wear With Confidence

‘Fake it till you make it’ is a great saying because - surprise, surprise - a majority of people fake it until they make it. Whether it’s in business, at a new job, or wearing a bold piece of fashion, everyone is faking their confidence. When you see a woman out in public wearing a beautiful necklace, you have to keep in mind that she was just like you once upon a time. She was trying to figure out what she looked good in or what pieces of jewelry she needed to rock until she made it work. Like everything in fashion, you need to wear what you have with confidence and attitude. If you aren’t a constant jewelry wearer and you feel self-conscious, then start with pieces that are small and wear those with confidence. In addition to wearing jewelry or even bold clothing choices with confidence, you’ll find that slowly confidence will come to you. As your confidence grows, you’ll be able to rock any type of jewelry and clothing choice you make. In addition, you might even gain confidence at your job, in your social life, and even in your overall perspective of life.

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