Tips On Wearing Jewelry - Part One

Accessorizing might seem daunting if you’ve never done it, but it will definitely spice up your outfits. Take a chance on jazzing up your fashion sense by investing in a few favorite pieces of jewelry. By adding a scarf or other piece of quality jewelry you’ll be able to brighten up a vacuous outfit. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to enhance your style and compliment your clothing. If you’re looking for some quality jewelry, check out our website, we have a variety of unique silver and natural gemstone jewelry pieces and every piece of jewelry is handcrafted.

Three Tips To Help Your Accessorize

These three tips below will help you learn how to accessorize or accessorize even better. Accessorizing can help you land that promotion you’ve been wanting, start conversations with handsome strangers, and help you build a social circle. You might be wondering how accessorizing can do any of that, but it can. Think about when you wear a piece of quality jewelry and how many compliments you get or when someone asks you where you go shopping for your jewelry pieces. When you accessorize, you’re making a statement of what you like and you’re personalizing your style to be unique. Follow these three tips, or at least try to, and see how your fashionista style is perceived.

Less Is More

You’ve probably heard this little piece of advice before. Less is always more. Wearing too much jewelry can be distracting and overbearing. Don’t be that person wearing four necklaces, too many bracelets so you jingle, and a ring on every finger. You don’t want to look like a gypsy, you want to show that you have a sense of fashion and you’re an individual. Less is more means you should pick out a chunky necklace and wear it to the cocktail party. Less is more means selecting an oversized ring to wear on a middle finger or ring finger to show you are trendy. Less is more also means wearing a pair of dangly earrings that accentuate your features and outfit. If you pick out any tip to try out, choose less is more and see what your coworkers, family members, or friends say about the trendy ring on your finger or a timeless pair of earrings.

Stacking Isn’t Just For Bracelets Anymore

Bracelets are fun. They’re clunky, come in a variety of styles, and go with anything. If you’re going to hang out with a significant other or go to a family function and you want to add a bit of flair, slide on a few bracelets and they’ll give your outfit a unique look. Stacking used to be only for bracelets, but now there are a variety of rings that are small enough to be stacked. In addition, necklaces can be stacked as well. What’s great about stacking jewelry is that necklaces, bracelets, and rings come in a variety of styles. You can wear cuff bracelets, beaded, silver, bronze, chunky, or thin. With rings, you can wear thin rings that are sterling silver, pearl, or bronze. Necklaces are even better because you can add them at different lengths. Wear a choker with a long necklace or a mid-length one. A few tips you should remember with stacking is to make sure your necklaces are colors that compliment each other and you don’t go overboard on too much jewelry. Be a fashionista by stacking an array of quality jewelry pieces.

Versatility Is Your Friend

Be versatile with your choices in jewelry. Do you usually wear black, gray, or white clothing items, but want to wear something to brighten up an outfit? Try checking out Lapis Lazuli, turquoise, or garnet jewelry pieces. We have natural gemstone jewelry and other organic pieces to enhance your outfits. Jewelry will be able to give your usually solid color wardrobe some flair. Versatile jewelry will also help you get out of complacent clothing funk. We all have our go-to clothing pieces and colors, but jewelry will help you experiment with different styles and fashion. You don’t have to stick to one kind of style, pick jewelry items that you like and make them work. Versatile jewelry can also be worn several different ways. A beaded necklace can be worn as a bracelet or a long necklace can be worn in layers. Experiment with your style and see what flatters you the best.

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