Tips On Wearing Jewelry - Part Two

Now that the holidays are finished, you either are a little poorer and have great gifts or you have some money donated from nice relatives. Either or, if you’re a jewelry lover, hopefully, you received some great pieces to show off at work or at school. If you enjoy wearing jewelry, however, and were unable to receive quality jewelry or some pieces you like, check out our store and read our blog. We have some great tips on wearing jewelry in 2017 to help you establish your fashion sense and some great new pieces in our store. Furthermore, if your resolution this year is to rock some stellar pieces of jewelry, we can help you show off your fashion sense with our blog post today. For more tips on wearing great pieces of jewelry, read Tips On Wearing Jewelry - Part One, Must-Have Accessories For Women’s Winter Wardrobe, and Making Your Favorite Jewelry Work With Every Outfit. At Rock Hill, we offer quality jewelry for a great price, no matter what style you enjoy wearing. Whether you love handcrafted jewelry, hill tribe jewelry, unique silver jewelry, pearl jewelry, or jewelry with natural gemstones, we’re able to offer it all. Once you read up on some great tips, don’t forget to check out our shop of quality jewelry.

Three Tips To Help Your Accessorize

In addition to the three tips we laid out in Tips On Wearing Jewelry - Part One, we put together another list on ways to help you accessorize the best way possible. Even though most holiday parties have already taken place, that’s no reason to give up on wearing some great pieces. Even if the holidays are all over, you can still rock some quality jewelry and show off your unique style wherever you go. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Chunky Jewelry Is In

If you don’t follow fashion, that’s okay, but you should know that chunky jewelry is all the rage right now. Not only are chunky, statement necklaces popping up all over the scene, but so are chunky bracelets, watches, earrings, and even rings. Don’t forget one of our key tips about knowing when less is more, so if you take the time to wear some chunky and funky jewelry, make sure you don’t overdo it. There are some great statement necklaces out right now that no matter what kind of body you have will help to accentuate your features. At Rockhill Designs, we have a variety of different quality jewelry pieces that will help complement your features while drawing the eye to your chunky necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings. You might think that only a certain type of female can wear chunky jewelry, but that’s not the case. If you’re going out for a night of drinks with friends and are too cold to dress up, slip on some funky, chunky jewelry and it’ll dress your outfit right up. Throw on a pair of leggings, a tunic, and a classic pearl chunky necklace or a statement, chunky bracelet and you’ll be drawing everyone’s eye as you walk through the door.

Show Off Your Individuality

As you become more adult, you probably want to ditch the high school persona of wanting to be normal and conform and instead trade it in for an individual flair. Jewelry gives us the luxury of showing off our own unique style, which is why we offer so many great quality pieces. No two pieces of our jewelry are just alike in our store, we encourage every person who shops through our online store to show off their individual jewelry style. If you’re a little nervous to show off some unique pieces, start small with a ring or two on a finger or start with a simple necklace. When you show off your individuality, you’re building on your own character and maintaining the best parts of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being unique, you’ll see that the more individual of a piece you wear the more compliments you’ll receive.

Complement Your Features

This is a very important tip because it’ll help you show off your style and your features. Pick items that will make your best features stand out. If you have beautiful eyes, great lips, high cheek bones, or a gorgeous neck, pick pieces of jewelry to show them off. Always remember to pick quality pieces so you’re able to show off the best features while looking sophisticated and put together. If you really love your neck and want to show off the elegance of it, pick a mid length necklace or a pair of dangly earrings. If you love your lips, pick our earings or a necklace that will make them pop. If you have beautiful ankles, pick an anklet that will draw the eye. Even if you don’t feel you have features worth showing off, think again and pick two features about yourself you really like and want other people to notice as well. If you can’t decide on a feature, ask your friends or a loved one, remember to pick a person who you trust and will help you complement your features wonderfully. There’s nothing wrong with showing off the best parts of yourself with a quality piece of jewelry.

Don’t forget to shop around our store to find great pieces of jewelry and show off the tips you learned. Stay tuned to learn more about jewelry on our blog.