Winter 2017 Jewelry Trends

Picking out an outfit can be hard enough, but when you add in quality jewelry to accessorize, it can be downright difficult. Finding the right piece of jewelry can be a hassle when you don’t know how to make your features pop. If you’re tired of picking the wrong jewelry to wear this season to make your outfit stand out, then check out our blog. We have a variety of posts that range from discussing tips for wearing jewelry to how to accessorize a winter outfit. Step up your fashion game with these tips. The current fashion trends of Winter 2017 are a sure way to help you show off your best assets. Highlight your best features with some of these Winter 2017 quality jewelry trends. Make sure when you’re finished reading to take the time to apply the Winter 2017 fashion trends to your wardrobe by checking out our online store full of quality jewelry pieces.


Bracelets are all preference. Some women and men enjoy wearing bracelets and others do not. Bracelets can get in the way, especially when you work at an office job or in a job that requires a lot of movement. It can be difficult typing when a bracelet is constantly clanking against your desk, repeatedly. Eventually, you’ll end up taking it off because it’s so annoying. On the other hand, bracelets add a certain sparkle to your outfit you wouldn’t normally be able to have when not wearing one. Whether you’re wearing bangles or some other type of beaded bracelet, you’ll be able to capture the eyes of an admirer with ease. Keep in mind, if you hate your bracelets clanking against your desk while you type, you can always only wear bracelets when you go out for a night on the town or with the certain cutie who’s caught your eye.

Winter 2017 Bracelet Trend

Winter 2017 fashion currently is trending bracelets over sleeves. The look of bracelets over the sleeves will do a few things for your outfit. First, you won’t hide your bracelet over long sleeves. Second, details, details, details; make all of the difference for your outfit. Third, you won’t have to worry about clanking your bracelets against your desk as you type. Details make all the difference and will light up your outfit positively. Wearing a cute bracelet or cuff over a jacket or long sleeved shirt will make your outfit splash with bright colors and show off your fashion sense. Make sure to check out chunky bracelets to place over your sleeves so they stand out more.


Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Figuring out the sizes and shapes of what type of earrings to wear, comes down to your facial structure, outfit, and the colors of your eyes. Whether you like wearing earrings or not, earrings will help make your features stand out and pull the eye toward your face. Earrings are a great way to make a simple outfit stand out and spice it up with a little versatility. If you have multiple holes in your ears, then picking out beautiful earrings will help to decorate your ears even more.

Winter 2017 Earrings Trend

We have a variety of different earrings that follow the latest Winter 2017 fashion quality jewelry trends. With quality unique silver jewelry and pearl jewelry, these pieces will help to make your best facial features pop. Currently, asymmetric earrings, across earrings, and gemstones, are very in right now. If you have no idea what any of these are, let’s break them down so you’re more in the know about how you can look fashionable and accessorize well.

Asymmetric earrings are earrings that are combined to make a bold statement. Asymmetric earrings can be worn in a few different styles and each way will give you a different look. These earring choices are bold statements. If you have a few different holes, this look is even better because you can do much more with it, with asymmetric earrings on the top and the bottom.

Across earrings are earrings that take over your entire ear. They make your ear look balanced and give your face more character, especially if the piece is original. Across earrings will hang from the lobe and then cuff at the cartilage of the ears to make your entire ear one piece of art. If you have a cartilage piercing, then you can also check out earrings that start in the lobe and crawl up your cartilage.

Gemstones are another jewelry type that is very trendy. Gemstones for earrings and even other pieces you enjoy are great for any outfit. If you aren’t interested in looking too over the top when you leave the house, then gemstones are a classic and simple jewelry piece to wear. Whether you go for gemstone earrings or a simple necklace the radically different pieces that adorn your body, will help make a plain outfit stand out.


Necklaces are some of the best jewelry pieces to wear because they’re simple, easy to put on, and easy to accessorize. We feature many different necklaces on our site and they are all unique and will help you express your own individual style. Necklaces are also great pieces to wear when you want to draw the eye and make your outfit stand out from a standard outfit. For instance, if you wear a power suit you’re able to spice it up with a simple pearl necklace. If you wear a lot of dresses, make it pop with a gemstone statement necklace.

Winter 2017 Necklaces Trend

Pearl jewelry is very fashionable right now and that specifically means pearl necklaces. Whether you like the classic pearl necklace, a layered one, or long strings of pearls, pearl jewelry is making a comeback from the traditional usage. In addition to pearl jewelry making a comeback, layered necklaces are also very stylish. If you throw on a long pearl necklace and wrap it around your neck once, you’ll have a layered pearl necklace that looks high-quality and beautiful. On our online store, we have an abundance of layered necklaces with pearls or just plain old layered necklaces. Another stylish trend for necklaces are also chokers. If you want to show off your svelte neck, try out some of these great necklace trends. Remember, that gemstone are just as big as pearl jewelry so you can always check out our gemstone high-quality necklaces, too.

To continue learning more about how to best show off your jewelry, keep reading. Now, that you know all the latest trends, start shopping!